Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've moved!

Hello dearies!

We've moved!
Do visit our new site at for more preloved bargains.
Everything there is currently on FREE POSTAGE promotion.
Grab them while they're still available!

See you there <3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cleef tote bag.

Cleef tote bag, red & white
Waterproof & washable material
Used inconsistently for two months, no defects whatsoever, 9/10
Bought at approx. RM 60
Selling at RM 30 including postage


Boonga Art shoes.

Boonga Art shoes, black & white
Material is washable & waterproof
*Shoes are hand-painted and the paint will not fade even when washed*
Brand new, never worn, 10/10
25cm (length)
Bought at RM 70 including postage
Selling at RM 50 including postage


Louis Vuitton Inspired scarf


Louis Vuitton inspired scarf, black & green
Can be worn as a tudung or just simply to keep yourselves warm! ;)
Brand new, never worn, 10/10
Bought at RM 10
Selling at RM 7 including postage